Extra Training Opportunities

Private Training

Our development philosophy for each player is unique. Individual needs are influenced through a holistic process and understanding of our four-corner model – 1. Technical Execution, 2. Tactical, 3. Physical and 4. Psychosocial/Lifestyle. We believe these four areas are connected and support each other to effectively develop and influence a player’s growth to reach his or her fullest potential on and off the field.

Individual training sessions are designed for players looking to develop throughout the year. Each session is customized to suit the players abilities. Coaches will assess each player and create a personalized development plan. Feedback will be provided throughout each session to help maximize each players’ full potential, including dribbling, receiving, passing, ball striking, first touch or 1v1 domination.

Small group training, up to 6 players, is also available to provide extra support to our FC Puma soccer community.

Special Topics for Individual and Group Training Sessions

  • Ronaldo Work¹
  • Stationary Ball Mastery
  • Aerial Control
  • Ball Striking
  • Zidane Work²
  • Cone Dribbling
  • Passing- Different Textures/Surfaces
  • Receiving- Field Awareness
  • Speed and Agility
  • Goalkeeping Training

¹Ronaldo work - develop different ways to beat an opponent who is in front of you and develop an understanding of different techniques/moves to manipulate the ball in a 1v1 situation.

²Zidane work - develop different ways to beat an opponent who is behind you with a variety of techniques when facing away from goal to create space to play forward.

Individual Training 1 Hour Session

  • 1 on 1 training = $75/hour
  • Package option of 6 one-hour sessions = $400

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Group Training 1 Hour Session

  • 2 players - $45 per player
  • 4 players - $35 per player
  • 6 players - $30 per player

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30 for 30 Skills Videos

At FC Puma Soccer Academy we believe first touch is everything! Here you will find some of our weekly 30 for 30 skills videos. Try at home and improve your touch and skill level.

Week 1 - Toe Taps

Week 2 - Foundations

Week 3 - Rolls

Week 4 - Two and Two